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How to create an effective promotional video

Promo videosMarketing in the new media world can be a complicated task if not thought out properly, although as tough as it may seem to present an idea with an air of originality, this is wherea bit of planning can go a long way.

Creating a clear correlation between the subject looking to be promoted in the video and what is communicated through the visual aspect is the most important feature when creating an effective promotional video.

When making a promotional video, the most important thing to consider is the exact message you want to convey.  This in turn determines the rest of the subject matter – everything from what actually goes into the video to how direct or abstract the message comes across to the viewer. Often the message can become distorted or lost through the video making process if proper connections are not established, which will confuse and turn off the intended target audience from the subject trying to be promoted. A good way to communicate to the target audience is to make it simple and relevant to their lives. Planning this involves a little research into popular culture to create a relevant and entertaining atmosphere relatable to the viewer.

Finding a relevant reference to run with is a good start; the most relatable type of video is often a parody of something familiar to the audience. Originality can be welcomed, but in promotional workfamiliarity is often the more preferred approach as it already sets a tone for the subject being promoted within the video. Once the atmosphere has been decided for the deliverance of the promotional video, the next step is often to find a simple and clever connection between the two subjects –even though something may not seem relevant at first the viewer will often give the videographer the benefit of the doubt and allow them a chance to provide clues or explanations between the two.

To create a bridge between the idea being presented through the context of a video, humour is often a great way to get an attention-catching video. Since everyone can enjoy a good laugh, bridging the gap between a pop culture reference and a promotional video will give the target audience an idea that remains stuck in their mind. Even if it was a few seconds of laughter, it will be much more likely to stick in the viewer’s mind as it had a positivelyemotional impact.

However in the end the real important task is the clear delivery of the message through the medium, even if hidden behind symbols or metaphors– the idea should be clearly stated at some point and a bit of explanation should be included among the time spent promoting within the video. It may seem like a straight forward task, but considering the amount of oddities and irrelevant ideas used in video media now it seems that the idea being communicated has been buried in speed and entertainment – which just leads to serious confusion amongst the target audience. Keep it simple with personal touches of originality, many popular ideas are often improvements or variations from the past, just take a look at art history.

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