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What types of marketing videos are there?

corporate video production stylesProfessional video may come in many shapes and forms, but what does the difference often boil down to. Often times the message wanting to be conveyed is what determines the style a video is shot in; these have the videos fall between one of two categories – Realism and Formalism.

These can define the entire look and feel of the video, as they become the basis around how the media will be created. Beyond these two starting points, professional videographers go deeper and direct the video towards a target audience to bring a client’s idea to life – these things can often include Commercial, Corporate and Professional videos created for leisure.

Realism and formalism are the extremes of each category of film and define how an idea or product is conveyed and marketed to the masses. Realism is the obvious category, which focuses on getting the coverage as close to true as possible – giving a direct approach to delivering a message. Formalism is the other extreme, which focuses more on the visual aspect, in an attempt to deliver a more aesthetically pleasing production where the message becomes lost beyond entertainment. A professional videographer knows when and how to apply each of these to a given situation as knowing how to professionally grab attention to sell or teach an idea is often the main reason behind hiring a professional who has spent time mastering the arts of capturing video, sound and often times also the ‘madman’ in the editing room.

Commercial videos that involve marketing products and ideas are a very versatile form as they can drift between both categories, these are versatile because they can and often times require imagination to begin with – making the formalistic approach more relevant at times. On the other hand some ideas require straight forward messages which involve directly telling the consumer about the client’s product; making a realistic approach more relevant as a demonstration of the truth through things such as testimonials can communicate a professional message to attract attention. These videos should both focus on entertaining and informing the masses through media.

On the subject of corporate media, videos often fall closer to the realistic category as they require an air of professionalism and believability. Corporate media should often be relevant to the actual scenarios being pitched to employees or future clients as its focus is often to show reality taking place in a specific location – things such as training, seminars, portfolios and facility tours will fall under this category as their purpose is to spread information and ideas first and foremost and entertain second.

Finally are the professional videos created for more leisurely or side business situations – like the commercial videos these are also versatile on where they fall within the realistic vs. formalistic categories. These videos can be for shear entertainment or even to sell an idea through more entertaining means as they are often created for a one time deal and purpose – such as social media fan pages, fund-raising and covering life events. These are often areas where allowing the professional videographer creative reign ends in the creation of ‘magic’ as they have been trained to look through the camera’s eye, both in a professional and artistic manner.

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