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what am I really getting if I hire a professional Videographer?

Why hire a professional videographer?
Creating a video for corporate and social media can take more than just picking up a camera. This is where a professional Videographer can work magic with an idea and use their skill-set.

With a small crew a Videographer can lend advice and experience to each facet of the production, while also working together with a Director, Sound Recorder and Editor on larger scale projects of a complicated nature.Technology moves so fast that having an amateur or hobbyist create media for corporate or commercial events will often have an end result that is painful to watch, unpleasing in the end, wasting time and effort.

The question often raised is “what am I really getting if I hire a professional Videographer?” This skepticism tends to make people believe that they can run with minimal training and the bare essentials with hopes of making some sort of masterpiece. Though any professional worth their weight and offer a no frills service, but will not interfere with the quality of it all. The problem with this is that many don’t take into consideration the entire process required. So what do you actually get when hiring a Videographer?

Camera Work

            Possibly the most obvious of the tasks is manipulating the camera to capture what is required; this takes more than point and shoot. This requires considering a wide variety of factors like scenery, composition and lighting of all things…to name a few. Professionals will take into account the needs and wants of the image a client is looking to convey – these learned talents are necessary to capture the true atmosphere needed for things like event coverage, commercials and corporate media.


When hiring professionals they often come equipped with directorial skills, since Videographers have a focus on smaller scale productions, gaining experience with always being in demand. This enables the Videographerto use their talents and bag of tricks to create what any client wants; getting what is shot, as close to the image they had first imagined. Being a director requires more than a megaphone and a chair with the words ‘DIRECTOR’ scrawled across the back. Directors have to take into account every little aspect of what’s going on within the camera’s frame.

Audio Recording

Almost every video needs sound; professional Videographers often include more than just a camera with a pre-attached microphone. Professionalism is in what you will hear as much as what you see, a great sounding piece of material completes anything photographed. Real high-quality recording equipment is a necessity for a video to have perfect sound. Without knowledge or training in the mass array of existing audio equipment, most videos will be doomed to distorted sounds and wind battering the camera’s often-low quality microphone, although in a controlled environment much can be done to enable perfect pitch and audio excellence.


            When hiring a professional Videographer a client is essentially hiring a whole team of people rolled into one. The real hands-on professional takes part in every aspect to assure a consistency of thought throughout the entire process, often ending with an edit session in the (digital) dark room. What exactly does editing entail? Usually an expensive computer system is required with even more substantial software adding countless hours spent watching and re-watching the same footage to be certain of a quality product cohesively fitting without any inconsistencies. This continual work often comes with a lack of sleep, an increase of caffeine intake and emerging seemingly in a few hours to realize that has been days of meticulous reworking of the content.

Videographers are often the forgotten reason behind why commercial videos become so successful this is a mistake. Todays Videographer other than capturing good quality images, they should wear many hats and act as director, audio recorder and sometimes editor.In the world of circuits, wires and social media – videography becomes the main hub for commercialization; people want a fast pacing and quick fun videos without technical issues. To garner the desired attention – from event coverage to commercial productions a Director of Photography is the obvious path towards a quality result.

Original Article by Soosmar Media, Toronto Corporate Video Productions
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