Our Corporate Video Samples

Following videos are shot by our professional videographers and have been edited with our editors.

In the winter of 2001, Dyniss and his family in Canada agreed that they would give Christmas gifts which did not come from stores. Every family member was randomly assigned one recipient. Most of the family made gifts by hand. Dyniss wrote an original song specifically about Christmas, dedicating it to his cousin Michael. The lyrics of the song told the value of giving things that a person cannot purchase. The telephone voices you hear in the middle of the song are Dyniss’ family and friends. As “Hey Michael” spread amongst inner circles, people declared that the song was too good to be kept within the family. So Dyniss spent several months re-singing it for a whopping 1,000 names, making “Hey Sophie” the main version. CDs were sold at live shows, at craft shows and online. Recipients had smiled, laughed or cried (happily, that is!) after hearing their names in music. This year, Dyniss decided to re-birth the song through ChristmasDedication.com. Now, more than ever, the message in the song rings true!