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Cameras and quality, High Definition picture matters

Quality over quantity, no matter how many videos get made, with any intent of marketing an idea they won’t appeal to their target audience. Technology is so readily available but with trained professionals there really isn’t much of an excuse to skimp on quality.

hd cameras


Camera equipment becomes the main player in most situations. To the untrained eye the mass amount of equipment set up for lights and sound may look unnecessary but are integral in making a successful production. In reality these devices give the end result a crisp and professional aesthetic.

The most obvious tool in the Videographer’s arsenal is a camera, more often than not today is an HD camera; a tool that puts a professional ahead of the amateur hobbyist. HD cameras record a crisp and cleaner image, but understanding how to set the scene takes time and training – more than a manual could ever provide. Defined by a list of numbers and letters all varying in meaning (720p, 720i, 1080p, etc…) this important piece of equipment can vary greatly in cost, size and quality.

From pocket cams to the large hand-canons that give a true to life image, these great pieces of technology come in all shapes and sizes to give people what they want since HD is becoming even more popular in most recorded media. Professional grade cameras have a better frame rate and higher resolution than the standard consumer cameras; lens options, higher quality sensors and show clear colour tones. When on the subject of cameras – Size can matter, this is to provide all of the options, as well as to make it easier to balance for picture stability.

Even though HD cameras can vary from the average Joe’s budget to a pro’s budget, the low end models often break down fast when you truly need them or do not record in the needed quality – making the high-end models a necessity for quality coverage of events. This is often where professionals become cost effective, both on the wallet and the watch. HD cameras need a knowledge of all the buttons and switches to be properly operated, the videos require a large quantity of storage space on computers and editing HD films will usually require specialized software – Making it very difficult and sometimes next to impossible for the untrained to successfully create a marketable piece of media.

Simply put, the HD camera tightens up an image’s resolution to create a clear, crisp and deeply coloured vision through tighter resolution which increases the definition in the videos that often times require the skilled hands of a trained professional. Educated videographer’s have dedicated their lives to this specialized skill and trade, making it unnecessary to go off on one’s own tangent with intent of creating a masterpiece to market – if disappointment is to be avoided, it’s sometimes best to leave the skilled tasks to the trained professionals.

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